Verano in Verona

Once we got off the train at Verona, we knew we were in for a hard time. Yeah, it’s summertime, it’s supposed to be warm and all, but this was a whole different level.

Focaccias, ice-creams and plenty of water (both to drink and to pour down our head) got us through the days in this torrid city.
We camped for the first time in an actual camping and we’ve only got positives on it, with the highlight being the perfect panorama we had of the city.

No luck…

Hitching can be fun! Except when you wait at a highway gas station for two hours and not a single car stops to help you out. That’s exactly what happened on our way from Austria to Italy.

South Italy

So we had to put our backup plan into practice: taking a train.

Being sneaky as we are, buying the full-fare ticket to Verona was not really going to happen: €83 for the both of us. Instead, we bought a ticket to Bolzano (an Italian city in between Innsbruck and Verona) for half: €43. Then we’d sleep our way to our actual destination. And it worked! #AboveTheLaw

Porta Nuova

Thumb #5

From Zams (Austria) to Innsbruck (Austria) – 73 km

Ride #12
Already late afternoon when we left Zams. The weather was incredibly humid and the combo – sweat and no ride was leaving me a bit desperate. Until a car stopped. Inside two guys: one who looked like a cowboy with an hat and all geared up and the other was just downright creepy. They were not going to Innsbruck, but a ride is a ride. What began as timid rain soon went into full mode. We could barely see anything outside the windows.


We hardly talked as it felt like we had just entered a nightclub, given the loud music that came from the car’s speakers. The creepy man drove like a maniac and my sister and I actually feared for our lives… Every time car passed us on the highway he’d show them the middle finger and every now and then would try to go after them. The rain wouldn’t cease to pour and despite all things the maniac seemed to have a soft spot for us, hitchhikers, and took us all the way to the city.


Being home, without being at home.

Being with Magdalena without being with Magdalena.

Climbing up the Tyrolean Everest (aka Glanderspitze) without climbing up THE Everest.

Being on Sound of Music without being on Sound of Music.

Sound of Music
Who wore it better? #SoundOfMusic
Magdalena's Family
Our Austrian family!

Aačiū! Dankeschön! Obrigado! 🙂

Thumb #4

From Vaduz (Liechtenstein) to Zams (Austria) – 106 km

Ride #10
We thumbed up for like 30 seconds. A young girl, Liechtensteiner, heading to Feldkirch in Austria for a street fair said she could take us there. Awesome! That was exactly what we had in mind. Going north to Feldkirch and then heading east on the highway to Zams. It was a very short ride, but we still talked about this little country, shared our impressions and heard first hand from a local… Too bad it was a very short journey.

Ride #11
After wandering a little bit around Feldkirch and writing our sign, we headed to the easy-to-catch-hitchhikers’ spot in town. No cars were merciful enough for this two poor souls, until an elderly man approached my sister. Strange, given the fact that we walked to her, no car in sight. He spoke German and some English and told he was passing by Innsbruck (what we had written on the sign). Zams was our finish line for the day and he agreed on taking us there (after explaining him where it was). He was a 74-yearl-old Hungarian, who up until retirement worked in Germany. Heading back to his homeland after having a leg surgery in Switzerland. Oh well, a hitchhike is a hitchhike.

And it turned out to be perfect! ❤

Wilfried was friendly, thoughtful and really talkative! What a perfect combo! Along the way, we even stopped in a charismatic Austrian town, Sankt Anton. He paid us some drinks (which are pricey, as almost everything in Austria) and soon we reached Zams, only for him to offer us a delicacy of Hungary: Pálinka! We will see each other in a few weeks, I promise! 🙂