A blog about whatever floats my boat!

Vitor, 24-year-old born in Aveiro and raised in Lisbon. I’ve recently graduated from NoWhere Universtity with a degree in NotTobeFound.

A bit introvert and a know-it-all kind of person, I had a fairly normal and “easy” life throughout my first 18 years on Earth.
Once high school came to an end, this personified me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Then thought engineering was my thing. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t, a bit late though.

Lithuania welcomed me for 10 months. Plungė to be more precise. Got to do so many new and exciting things! First time hitchhiking, first time Couchsurfing

Love sarcasm and witty people.
Searching for the cheapest flight deals is one of my hobbies.
I am interested in so many different areas, that go all the way from design and architecture to journalism and sociology.



Personal facts sheet

  • I am the 2008 National Champion of Sand Construction contest… Yeah!
  • I’ve once been an airplane co-pilot
  • Ganda, a small town lost in Angola, was my home twice, on August 2014 and August 2015
  • Walked around 140 km from Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela in 4,5 days
  • “Read it later” is the deeply disturbing syndrome that I suffer from; no way that I will ever be able to take care of all those web articles in a lifetime
  • (…)

New West


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