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How Lithuanians see Europe

How we (Lithuanians) see the rest of Europe

Internet never seizes to amaze me.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a 9gag post which showed Europe through the eyes of┬áLithuanians… The nicknames given can vary from author to author, but one that is transversal to all is Portugal.

Vilnius, what?!

Well, the 9gag community, in the comment section then provided with an explanation:

I’m from Lithuania and i can confirm that only 30% of this is true, the rest of it is complete bullshit and some of them doesn’t even make sense. And why the hell Portugal is named as Vilnius? Never heard or seen anywhere that any Lithuanian ever would call Portugal as Vilnius in any reference.
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no but Vilnius is called Portugal. That’s because Vilnius is on the very side of Lithuania just like Portugal is on the very side of Europe so many people from other cities in Lithuania call Vilnius people Portuguese. Although I have never been called that and I’ve been living here my whole life :’)

Totally unexpected, I would say… Have to confirm this with some Lithuanian folks!

On the 11th of March, 1990, Lithuania became the first country to proclaim itself independent from de Soviet Union, granting the country its second (and hopefully last) independence.

Happy 27th birthday! ­čÖé

Love Graphs

Immersing myself in information graphics like this one is one of my passions! #nerdalert


Portugal: cork (nothing new here, I was aware that we are the number one producers of this raw material…

Lithuania: it took me by surprise to be the country with the fastest wi-fi… My experience while living there was completely different, but oh well…

Angola: a country with so much potential and so rich in natural resources… being the first in child mortality is for sure something to be proud of! /not

Source: /informationisbeautifuln.net