Everyday I receive on my inbox a handful of newsletters from various services that I signed up to. Sometimes I don’t even bother paying attention to them.

The one I got today was different. The header photo, a perfectly taken snapshot of Trakai Castle, an hour away from Vilnius, immediately drew my attention. Memories of my 10-month-stay in Lithuania came as fast as they went…

LufthansaLufthansa is testing me, for sure!
Lietuva ❤

Lietuvos šeima

I gotta admit, I had to use my good ol’ friend Google to get the title, which simply translates to Lithuanian Family. The cases of this Baltic language are horrid, so I needed to be sure that I had Lietuvos written correctly.

Skype 1

Thank God that the Skype call ran in English, which was universally understandable. Despite not seeing them daily anymore, the bond between Lietuva and Portugal is still strong! 🙂