Laba diena!

People ask me why I come back to Lithuania…

It is quite easy to answer such question, as everything can be summed up in one word: people. Cliché… but clichés exist because they can be true.

After losing the bus that would take me from Rīga to Biržai, my backup plan was hopping in a mini-bus that left me on the outskirts of the Latvian capital and then sticking my thumb up, hoping that someone would be kind enough to give me a lift. Sooner than I expected, I got a ride from a Lithuanian guy that left me close to my destination. My confidence was quite high and in no time another car stopped and Biržai soon became a reality, one hour ahead of the bus I was supposed to take.

Rita was waiting for me outside her palace the museum where she is working as an EVS volunteer. I had never been in Biržai before, so Rita managed to be my local guide until the freezing cold weather forced us to find warmth in the apartment she shares with other savanoris. Tasty, intercultural food and drinks kept us chatting until I couldn’t keep my eyelids open. I got some sleep and early in the morning a bus awaited me. And this time I couldn’t afford to miss it.

As I was crossing the flatlands of Lithuania, I was getting more and more anxious. Plungė was soon becoming a reality. The town that I had made my home for 10 months was receiving me for a few days once again.

Kristina was the key to make it all happen. She did everything in her power to make me feel part of her family. She was waiting for me at the bus station. An emotional moment soon unravelled.

I small meeting was held at her home. Familiar faces that I had kept in my mind since the day I left. Familiar faces led to familiar moments. I felt incredibly welcomed.

However familiar, things had changed a bit as well: the children’s library no longer felt like the neglected son; cool new venues where to go for a meal or grab a cup of coffee had opened downtown; many buildings had received a fresh coat of paint; Kristina was now working at the children’s library; a new EVS volunteer, Ekaterina from Russia was now taking the place that Anastasia and I had left in September 2016.

I was happy. Those few days spent there were over in a blink of an eye.




Take the Plunge | 22.03.2016
In the Spotlight with… Magdalena Fink!

In 3 sentences try to convince me to visit your country.
We have mountains, snow, beautiful cities and landscapes and stunning views. The Alps should be already enough reason to come to AUSTRIA! Oh and then you have to come and visit me in Tirol, so I am another important reason! 😀

Being home, without being at home.

Being with Magdalena without being with Magdalena.

Climbing up the Tyrolean Everest (aka Glanderspitze) without climbing up THE Everest.

Being on Sound of Music without being on Sound of Music.

Sound of Music
Who wore it better? #SoundOfMusic
Magdalena's Family
Our Austrian family!

Aačiū! Dankeschön! Obrigado! 🙂


Everyday I receive on my inbox a handful of newsletters from various services that I signed up to. Sometimes I don’t even bother paying attention to them.

The one I got today was different. The header photo, a perfectly taken snapshot of Trakai Castle, an hour away from Vilnius, immediately drew my attention. Memories of my 10-month-stay in Lithuania came as fast as they went…

LufthansaLufthansa is testing me, for sure!
Lietuva ❤

Lietuvos šeima

I gotta admit, I had to use my good ol’ friend Google to get the title, which simply translates to Lithuanian Family. The cases of this Baltic language are horrid, so I needed to be sure that I had Lietuvos written correctly.

Skype 1

Thank God that the Skype call ran in English, which was universally understandable. Despite not seeing them daily anymore, the bond between Lietuva and Portugal is still strong! 🙂

How Lithuanians see Europe

How we (Lithuanians) see the rest of Europe

Internet never seizes to amaze me.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a 9gag post which showed Europe through the eyes of Lithuanians… The nicknames given can vary from author to author, but one that is transversal to all is Portugal.

Vilnius, what?!

Well, the 9gag community, in the comment section then provided with an explanation:

I’m from Lithuania and i can confirm that only 30% of this is true, the rest of it is complete bullshit and some of them doesn’t even make sense. And why the hell Portugal is named as Vilnius? Never heard or seen anywhere that any Lithuanian ever would call Portugal as Vilnius in any reference.
@user 2
no but Vilnius is called Portugal. That’s because Vilnius is on the very side of Lithuania just like Portugal is on the very side of Europe so many people from other cities in Lithuania call Vilnius people Portuguese. Although I have never been called that and I’ve been living here my whole life :’)

Totally unexpected, I would say… Have to confirm this with some Lithuanian folks!

On the 11th of March, 1990, Lithuania became the first country to proclaim itself independent from de Soviet Union, granting the country its second (and hopefully last) independence.

Happy 27th birthday! 🙂