New Year’s Revolutions

17 resolutions revolutions for 2017. Let’s go!

  1. Find a new educational path!
  2. Visit at least 5 new countries 🙂
  3. Learn a new language (preferably a Scandinavian one!)
  4. Drastically improve my Spanish!
  5. Go to Santiago de Compostela on foot! 100km as the minimum walking requirement.
  6. Have one fun weekend with the Ganda team!
  7. Take my friends to Aveiro.
  8. Attend (at least) one music festival!
  9. Finally watch GoT!
  10. Embrace some youth/social project.
  11. Don’t give up on the gym membership!
  12. Learn 5 party tricks!
  13. Read 12 books
  14. Meet M. again!
  15. Procrastinate less.
  16. Continue to update this blog as often as possible!
  17. Be.