I’ll use this page as my personal bucketlist.

(no specific order… I’ll update it as often as I feel like it)


  • Travel between Spain and Portugal on a zip-line;
  • Visit all the 9 islands of the Azores;
  • Go plane-spotting at Maho beach in St. Marteen;
  • Go back to Lithuania, not only once; Check!
  • Take my boyfriend with me on a weekend break somewhere in Europe; Check!


  • Walk +100km to Santiago de Compostela; Check!
  • Feel the magic of flying on a hot air balloon;
  • Take a snapshot at “Restaurante Panorâmico” in Monsanto; Check!
  • Ride on one of the touristy Lisbon’s yellow trams; Check!
  • Skydive anywhere in the world;

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