Tierra soleada

Who knew that in Muş I would have the chance to come across such amazing hermanos?

Wheel Málaga

Málaga came to be without much thinking. Onward flight booked and off I went to Andalucía! As soon as I stepped out of the turboprop aircraft I was immediately slammed in the face by the scorching July sun.

The two-month hiatus came to and end. António, who had deceived me into thinking that I would be journeying alone to the centre of Málaga, was waiting for me at the arrivals hall. Portunhol soon became the default language in which my thoughts were formed and dialogues articulated. ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

The days were spent drinking cañas, nibbling on late evening tapas and sunbathing whenever the opportunity arose. Wandering around the city, climbing up Castillo de Gibralfaro for some panoramic views and venturing into the Museo Picasso (a must! Málaga was the artist’s birthplace) completed my Andalucían foray.


Spanish sing-along!

Al centro,
Y adentro!

El que no apoya no folla,
El que no recorre no se corre,
Y por la virgen de Guadalupe, que si no follo, que me la chupen!

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Inma! Inma is the cute Andalucían girl who made this Spanish incursion possible. She opened the doors of her shared apartment (on a very peculiar neighbourhood, I should add) with Elisa and Jésica to me and António. She was incredibly caring and attentive and made sure my stay was as memorable as possible. Indeed, I didn’t need much to feel at home. I actually got some cute motherly vibes from her side.

Te echo de menos, chica!


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