South Side

Just across the river, on the south bank (aka Margem Sul), one can find an idyllic place with some of the most amazing views of the city. Still not as crowded as the core historical centre of Lisbon, Cacilhas is just the right place to unwind and take some time off from the daily grooves.

It was my second time here and the excitement I got upon stepping off the cacilheiro was undeniably high. The derelict warehouses, the disrupted promenade, the grimy piers, the old-school neon, the bright yellow esplanade overlooking Lisbon… Everything here is settled in peaceful harmony.

South Side I

Recipe for the perfect afternoon:

  1. If you have the sense of orientation of a slug, open Google Maps and locate yourself;
  2. Doesn’t matter where you are: just make it to the riverfront. Either walk or take public transport, it’s greener!
  3. Once you make, look for the iconic Golden-Gate-like bridge and make sure that the sun is still high above it;
  4. Head towards Pingo Doce (in Cais do Sodré) to buy some refreshments and snacks. Yes, it’s narrow and crowded but fear not!
  5. Quickly make your way to the maritime terminal, buy your return ticket and hop on the cacilheiro heading to Cacilhas. Take a deep breath and enjoy the views;
  6. Take a left once you disembark and walk along the promenade until you reach a green area next to a panoramic elevator;
  7. Lay down the blanket, place yourself comfortably, and be ready for an incredible sunset.
  8. Open your refreshment and Saúde!

South Side II


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