Post Office

Sending and receiving mail is one of those small things that I cherish, especially nowadays, when it’s fairly easy to be in touch with those who might be thousands of kilometres away. You just need to use that black slab you’ve got in your pocket. It’s easy and convenient. But the feeling of holding in your hands a postcard, or a letter, or a photo, or… (you get the point!) that travelled from a land far away from you is just is just that extra special! 😉


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Wanderlusting facts & figures

  • 2 siblings
  • 41 days
  • 13 countries
  • 2 flights
  • 4599 kilometres travelled
    • 2763 kilometres by hitchhiking (48 rides!)
    • 1836 kilometres travelled on 7 trains and 2 buses
    • First time hitchhiking on a truck!
  • 40 nights
    • 10 nights Couchsurfing
    • 5 nights with friends and families
    • 9 nights wild camping
    • 2 nights on a campsite
    • 12 nights on hostels and guesthouses
    • 1 night sleeping (or trying, at least) on a bus
    • 1 night sleeping under the stars
  • Black riding dozens of public transportation
  • Lost (& not found)
    • 1 mirrorless camera in Geneva (Vitor)
    • 1 shirt in Vaduz (Catarina)
    • 1 t-shirt in Verona (Vitor) – deliberately…
    • 1 pair of swimming trunks (Vitor) – deliberately…
    • 1 bottle of water in Venice (Vitor)
    • 1 hoodie in Budapest (Vitor)
  • Stranger things
    • We took a ride at +150km/h in the middle of a storm in Austria
    • We saw an accident live!
    • Thought we were going to be kidnapped by a Russian in Albania
  • Climbed 11 mountains/mounds/hills.
  • Wrote twice on a complaint’s book

12 messages from my mobile service provider welcoming me to each of the 12 countries visited. Yeah, in the end it was 13 countries. But in one of those I did not turn on my data plan… Can you guess which one?