The Balkan Express

From Bar (Montenegro) to Belgrade (Serbia) – 476km

After what was not a very good night’s sleep, out in the cold, on a bench at Bar’s train station, I woke up very excited about the journey ahead. This time instead of hitchhiking, we were taking a train all the way to Serbia’s capital.

254 tunnels and 435 bridges stood between us and Belgrade.

The Balkan Express train operates on a line opened in 1976 by the Yugoslavian ruler Tito. At the time it was an incredible feat of engineering, crossing areas that seemed inaccessible at first, allowing people to come closer together.

Nowadays there are only two trains per day operating this route, in each direction. Instead of taking the early morning train, we could have managed to hop on the one in the previous evening, sleeping our way to Belgrade. However, I wanted to enjoy the scenery that unravelled itself as we made it across Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Over the Bridge


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