Thumb #10

From Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Sveti Stefan (Montenegro) – 101 km

To Montenegro

Ride #21
The sun was already high above us when we put our thumbs out. Not long after we got ourselves a lift from a local. He was going to meet with some friends on the other side of the border. Not longer after we came into a traffic jam, which was enough evidence that the frontier was near. We put our bags on our backs and off we went.

Crossing the first border was easy… then a 2 km walk was still ahead of us until our second border to officially enter Montenegro. How relieved we were that despite having to walk for quite some time, the road was in a downwards slope! I kept thinking and  just imagining us having to do it the other way around…

Ride #22
We decide not to avoid spending the day in Kotor, as we had planned. We wanted to relax somewhere away from big urban areas, so Sveti Stefan ended up being our choice. We were going to camp anyways, so no strings attached. As I was googling more information on our new settlement, a brand-new black Mercedes came to a stop. At first we paid little attention, because we thought it wasn’t meant for us. Plot twist: it was!

A German driver and its [can’t remember is homeland] companion, they were on their way to Albania. The young guy (he got this lift using a well-known carpooling service) was going there to meet with some friends, while is driver was there for some business. They had been on the road for two days already and were a few hours away from reaching their destination. The backseats were empty, so taking us was not a burden, and Sveti Stefan was en route. We got the in a blink of an eye, but before so we crossed the Bay of Kotor by ferry! So I guess we hitchhiked a ferry, right? 😉


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