The (real!) GoT City

The place on everyone’s bucket list. Dubrovnik doesn’t need any introductions, as it speaks for itself.

The Good

We felt like splurging a little bit. The possibility of going on a little kayaking trip arose and we just went for it, albeit being a bit pricey – in Dubrovnik there’s no way around it… It was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we could have made.
With out belongings tightly packed we ventured ourselves into the sea! It was really nice to have a different perspective of the old city as we did some physical exercise.

The Bad

The heat we endured during our hour-long hike to the top of Srđ (don’t even ask me how to pronounce that). As if the whole kayaking had not been enough, just after noon we took our chances on conquering the mount! Definitely not the brightest idea, but spoiler alert: we survived!
Once we stepped out of the old town my sister and I began our climb. At first we were welcomed by endless staircases, taking us out of the urban area. Once at the top, the scenery was already giving us a hint of what to expect further ahead. Yes, we had not yet began our hike, as we still had to find the beginning of the trail. Once we did (thanks Google Maps!) we zigzagged our way up! My footwear comprised of nothing other than flip-flops.
Upon reaching the summit, the views definitely put our tiredness behind. Make sure to take enough water and sunscreen with you! Don’t forget your camera either!

The Ugly

Dubrovnik came to be an ultra-touristy destination. One can partially blame Game of Thrones for that… It’s medieval town, enclosed by well-preserved walls built between the XIII e XVI centuries, is filled with bright streets and buildings coated in white marble. As a result of the massive flood of tourists, prices grew accordingly. The few days spent there were enough to understand that one on a low-budget, in the peak of the summer, can’t stay in Dubrovnik for long. We ended up stealth camping. A single night in a hostel can cost you a whopping €80. No breakfast included.


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