Thumb #9

From Split (Croatia) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) – 214 km

One of our longest journeys yet. I was quite anxious due to what I had read online from other hitchhikers… that it would be quite a challenge to find rides along the coast, that most cars were full with families coming to Croatia on holidays with no spare space in their vehicles. But we are not to throw the towel just like that, we had to try our luck.

Taking a suburban bus out of town was our first step towards the unknown… Our second step was meeting two French hitchhikers, going the same route, who told us we could go ahead and try to catch a lift before them, so that we wouldn’t be competing against each other. Merci! The third one was buying a quarter of an watermelon from a roadside grocery to restore our hydration levels. The fourth step was fining a car, which we did after waiting for an hour or so. The watermelon was long gone.

Ride #19
A young Croatian, living in Switzerland, who came back for summer holidays. He was not going that far, but we had waited long enough to take our first chance at moving forward. Recently engaged, he talked wonders about his country, and how it far exceeds other renowned destinations worldwide that he had visited: Caribbean, Maldives and Seychelles… Who am I to refute it, haven’t been to any of these, yet.

This is me waiting in between rides… Tough, right?

Ride #20
Getting to know those two garçons was a blessing! We were stranded in the coastal road, thumbing up to no avail… We were still far far away from Dubrovnik and time was running out fast. We were even thinking that we would not make it there and camping somewhere was sounding more plausible than ever. A car stopped once, but to no avail: they had no space left for our luggage. So kept on thumbing, until these two VW hippie-vans pulled over! If only I could express my rapture fully! The French guys were inside, along with the two German drivers. We hopped in the white van and off we went! All the way down to Dubrovnik! 🙂

Travelling along the coast in the van really felt like something from a 1960s movie. The only thing missing was some Beatles’ tunes.

We had to cross the border twice, out of Croatia to Bosnia and then back to Croatia again, in order to reach the picturesque city of Dubrovnik. Before arriving at our destination, two more hitchhikers were welcomed on board. The sun had already set when we stepped on firm ground again.


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