Glavni grad Hrvatske

One of the side effects of being an EVS volunteer is that you end up having friends and acquaintances a bit all over (in Europe mostly). Being in Zagreb got me to spend some time with Mateja, a girl who I met while I was living in Lithuania. She showed us that the typical Portuguese hospitality is also rightly done by Croatians. She hosted us, cooked us some heart-warming food (a great break from our traveller’s diet: sandwiches) and was also our city guide.

HR + PT + LT
PT + LT + HR
Jarun lake… If it gets extra hot, this is a great way to get extra refreshed.

Doing some illegalities… tagging and black-riding. The later providing us with a roller-coaster of emotions and endless laughs. #pinkslut

What not to miss in Zagreb!

  • The roof of St. Mark’s Church;
  • Museum of Broken Relationships (one of a kind!)
  • Have a beer in
  • Hear the thunder
  • Check out the peculiar chandeliers at Zagreb’s Cathedral!
  • Walk around the Green Horseshoe.

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