The GoT City

Resting before sightseeing.

The Legend of Slovenia
When God created the Earth, he had a basket full of treasures to distribute among the regions in “our” planet. He began pouring those little jewels evenly around the globe and once he believed he had it all, he was mesmerised to find out that he had completely overlooked that little area where Slovenia can be found today. Worried, he noticed inside is basket some left-overs and immediately threw them onto the area, creating the Slovenia we know today: a country with many contrasting sights in such a small area. He felt relieved and got to contemplate the striking beauty He had created.

Tale told us by our hitch guy on our way to Ljubljana.

It took me a while to know how to correctly write the capital’s name, despite taking me even longer to acknowledge the fact that I had just arrived to a country’s capital. Everything seemed extra-quiet, no traffic to be seen or heard, very few people wandering around…  Tranquillity to be expected in… Alentejo for example. Even the temperature was on pair with Alentejo’s. However, on the main square you could get yourself refreshed if you spot the ingenious rain zone. Praise to Zeus!

It all changed at dawn. The city woke up from its sleepy state and its squares, bridges and streets along the Ljubljanica river were bustling with life.

The plan for the urban exploration was having no particular plan except climbing up the castle hill to enjoy the city from above. And finding has many dragons as possible, of course.


While in Ljubljana, we couldn’t miss Lake Bled. On the second day in the city, after having a not so good night’s rest while wild camping (illegally of course!) at Tivoli park, we headed to the recommended hitchhiking place.

Ride #15
Soon, a car with an Austrian number plate coming in the opposite direction gave us a signal that they were about to help us! Expecting Austrians, inside the vehicle was a young couple, from France, who rented the car for their holidays. Too, they were going to Bled for the day and thought we were harmless enough to take us!


The weather was shy that day, but Bled looked even better alive than in the pictures I had seen online. You really need to experience it to believe in your eyes.

Beautiful Bled

Ride #16
An easy ride back to the city. Traffic was slow, so we had it easy. A Slovenian couple kindly stopped, even though our sign had Ljubljana misspelled. Thanks sis! I guess no one noticed that mistake… They had once been hitchhikers, hence the easiness and openness to give us a lift. Cool people as usual.

Dragons, everywhere

Apart from a little McDonald’s incident that took place in the city, I could easily see myself living here.


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