Thumb #5

From Zams (Austria) to Innsbruck (Austria) – 73 km

Ride #12
Already late afternoon when we left Zams. The weather was incredibly humid and the combo – sweat and no ride was leaving me a bit desperate. Until a car stopped. Inside two guys: one who looked like a cowboy with an hat and all geared up and the other was just downright creepy. They were not going to Innsbruck, but a ride is a ride. What began as timid rain soon went into full mode. We could barely see anything outside the windows.


We hardly talked as it felt like we had just entered a nightclub, given the loud music that came from the car’s speakers. The creepy man drove like a maniac and my sister and I actually feared for our lives… Every time car passed us on the highway he’d show them the middle finger and every now and then would try to go after them. The rain wouldn’t cease to pour and despite all things the maniac seemed to have a soft spot for us, hitchhikers, and took us all the way to the city.


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