Thumb #4

From Vaduz (Liechtenstein) to Zams (Austria) – 106 km

Ride #10
We thumbed up for like 30 seconds. A young girl, Liechtensteiner, heading to Feldkirch in Austria for a street fair said she could take us there. Awesome! That was exactly what we had in mind. Going north to Feldkirch and then heading east on the highway to Zams. It was a very short ride, but we still talked about this little country, shared our impressions and heard first hand from a local… Too bad it was a very short journey.

Ride #11
After wandering a little bit around Feldkirch, we wrote Zams in a piece of cardboard and headed to the hitchhikers’ spot in town. Zams, was our goal due to being the hometown of a friend of mine I had met while being an EVS volunteer in Lithuania.
We thumbed for a while. At first no cars were merciful enough to stop for us, until an elderly man walked up to my sister, no car in sight. My initial reaction, of suspicion, soon lead to some relief. In between German and English words, the old man told us he was going through Zams on his way home. And yes, he had a car!
Mr. Wilfried, a 74-yearl-old Hungarian, up until his retirement worked in Germany. Now he was heading back home, in Hungary, after having a leg surgery in Switzerland.
He was incredibly friendly, thoughtful and talkative! Along the way through the Austrian mountains, which were a delight for our eyes, we even got to stop in a charismatic Austrian town, Sankt Anton. He offered some drinks and even paid them for us (which are pricey, as almost everything in Austria). Soon we reached Zams, our destination, only for him to give us a delicacy of Hungary: Pálinka!
We said goodbye and promised to see each other again.


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