Thumb #3

From Zurich (Switzerland) to Vaduz (Liechtenstein) – 109 km

Zurich Tram
Looking at Zurich one last time…

Ride #7
Manuel. Gioia. Piera. Chiara. Four names of four wonderful people who let us inside their super cool former-firefighter-Volkswagen. They were heading to Italy for holidays, so we got a ride very close to our destination. They were surprised that people actually wanted to visit Liechtenstein. For them it was just another Swiss canton. 😛

Before getting back on the game (we were dropped a few kilometres to the south of Liechtenstein), we sat down, indulged our lovely sandwiches and sketched our plan. Even though we were close to Vaduz, walking there would require the stamina we lacked and getting a ride from where we were would be hard. So got on walking to the nearest settlement…

Beautiful Swiss
Is it real? Is it a painting?
To Vaduz!
To Vaduz, please! @Fläsch

Ride #8
Our saviour! We knew that from where we were standing, the road to Liechtenstein would go uphill. So walking was a no go. We waited for a bit in this quite remote area, where the only life came from a bunch of farm animals which grazed nearby. Then a car stops and we get our hopes up! The man said, in is English sprinkled with French, that we were crazy to be in that place. That no one would easily stop by. So I guess we were lucky, because he did so. Drove us past the border, to Liechtenstein, while chatting about the existence of a military area

Ride #9
One last ride. We knew it would be fairly simple. And it was: in less than 5 minutes a 20-ish local guy, who was returning back from work, said he would drive us just to the next village, one before Vaduz. But we got along very easily that he probably felt sorry for us and dropped us off at our destination. 🙂


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