Lisboa has always been a very multicultural city. Since the age of the Portuguese Exploration from the end of the XV century up until today that people from all over the world have found their home in Lisbon. We were one of the pioneers when it comes to melting pots.

I had been waiting to try out this restaurant for a while now and this week I finally had the chance to do so. The the food, despite being tastily homemade, wasn’t the thing that I found the most interesting. It was, indeed, the whole secrecy and exotic flair around this place.


My attempt at creating a comic, during the training course, last month in Latvia…

#CoMICS: Creating InterCultural Stories #ErasmusPlusLV

One of the main objectives of CoMICS was to come up with a unique comic that somehow connected with ourselves on a personal level and that checked the marks on migration (fears, intolerance and prejudices) as well as intercultural dialogue.

I steered a bit away from the comic’s guidelines and decided to bring on a subject that was indeed quite personal to me – my volunteering experience in Angola. Those pages I created above, based solely on the things I experienced, try to draw a parallel between supposedly distinct realities.

Coming up in an exhibition soon! Stay tuned 😉