Labas Plungė!

You know the feeling when you return to a place where you were once happy and everything looks and feels different? And then you wish that it would have been probably better to just relieve those memories?

I know, it has happened to me before…

But not in Plungė! 🙂

My 24 hour layover at the city town that hosted me for 10 months felt as cosy as ever!

Upon arrival, the sense of déjà vu was quite overwhelming.

K. picked me up at the bus stop early in the morning and we got to catch up with all our news. A must needed breakfast was then followed by a reinvigorating bath. I was at home. 🙂

Then L. L. was L all along. He is the only person I know that challenges me to the point of exhaustion. And this sentence does not tell much, really. We got to hangout around town, had a not so memorable pizza and then some tea to help with the digestion. Even though there’s not much to do around here, I once again acknowledged that people are the indeed the factor.

Later in the afternoon, I paid a not so long-waited visit to Plungės savivaldybės viešoji biblioteka. The look of surprise on everyone’s faces once I entered was priceless. A ghost was what they were seeing, maybe? 🙂

At 5, time for English club! What a joy it was to see all those familiar faces once again (and some new too!). Familiar faces than have become part of my family. The caring is so big that I was even advised on all aspects of my future – studies, marriage… Can’t escape it, can i? 😉

Later in the evening, one of the nicest dinner parties ever! The attention to the details…


Wonderful moments that will forever stay with me. But it was then time to get back to reality.



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