Labas Plungė!

You know the feeling when you return to a place where you were once happy and everything looks and feels different? And then you wish that it would have been probably better to just relieve those memories?

I know, it has happened to me before…

But not in Plungė! 🙂

My 24 hour layover at the city town that hosted me for 10 months felt as cosy as ever!

Upon arrival, the sense of déjà vu was quite overwhelming.

K. picked me up at the bus stop early in the morning and we got to catch up with all our news. A must needed breakfast was then followed by a reinvigorating bath. I was at home. 🙂

Then L. L. was L all along. He is the only person I know that challenges me to the point of exhaustion. And this sentence does not tell much, really. We got to hangout around town, had a not so memorable pizza and then some tea to help with the digestion. Even though there’s not much to do around here, I once again acknowledged that people are the indeed the factor.

Later in the afternoon, I paid a not so long-waited visit to Plungės savivaldybės viešoji biblioteka. The look of surprise on everyone’s faces once I entered was priceless. A ghost was what they were seeing, maybe? 🙂

At 5, time for English club! What a joy it was to see all those familiar faces once again (and some new too!). Familiar faces than have become part of my family. The caring is so big that I was even advised on all aspects of my future – studies, marriage… Can’t escape it, can i? 😉

Later in the evening, one of the nicest dinner parties ever! The attention to the details…


Wonderful moments that will forever stay with me. But it was then time to get back to reality.



Off the Grid #1 | Outsider Art


Built in 1896, the Security Pavilion at Hospital Miguel Bombarda was a facility built to imprison those who had committed crimes and functioned until 2000.

Designed by the architect José Maria Nepomuceno, it is one of only six panoptic buildings ever built in the world (!). Its circular shape allowed for a single watchman, standing in the centre to have an unobstructed 360º view of all the inmates at the same time.

Nowadays it is a space that pays tribute to the mentally-ill people, aimed at fighting its misconceptions through the exhibition of the collection of the country’s first psychiatric hospital – Hospital de Rilhafoles, which later became the Hospital Miguel Bombarda.

More than 4000 works of outsider art, like paintings, sculptures and sketches, are housed in the panopticon.


Albeit being a really interesting and unique place in Portugal, it remains a relatively hidden gem to the most. It only opens twice a week (wednesdays and saturdays) and you need to book your “tour”, guided by the local security guard, by sending an email to

Shhhh, don’t spread the word that much! 😉

@Security Pavilion | Hospital Miguel Bombarda, Lisbon

OnAir #1


A Norwegian TV series that I have been hooked up to for the last few weeks! Even though it is not a global hit (it’s been massive in Norway though), I came across it during my web wandering moments and have binge-watched the three seasons already.  I’m not really the kind of guy who is into teenage drama (I’m already a grown up, you know?) but Skam is something different… It is an unpretentious and frank view of the life of young Norwegians.

Every season follows a different character that deals with problems and situations that you can very easily relate with. It doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. It is raw and doesn’t try to take the moral high ground. It is definitely the real TV series for the real people.


The series lives primarily on the web. Skam characters have their own real Instagram accounts which everyone can follow. There is a dedicated website in which screenshots of text messages are shared with the avid followers.

One of the aspects that differentiates Skam from other TV programmes is its broadcasting model. Clips from each episode are aired online as if they are happening in real time. If these shameless teens are at a party on Friday (fredag) night, that scene will go up on a Friday night; if they’re attending school, that scene will pop up during a school day. By the end of the week, all these clips are put together to create a full episode.

You can get a glimpse of its third season trailer! /here

Now it is definitely the time to rethink television as we know it. Norwegians already got the hang of it.

New Year’s Revolutions

17 resolutions revolutions for 2017. Let’s go!

  1. Find a new educational path!
  2. Visit at least 5 new countries 🙂
  3. Learn a new language (preferably a Scandinavian one!)
  4. Drastically improve my Spanish!
  5. Go to Santiago de Compostela on foot! 100km as the minimum walking requirement.
  6. Have one fun weekend with the Ganda team!
  7. Take my friends to Aveiro.
  8. Attend (at least) one music festival!
  9. Finally watch GoT!
  10. Embrace some youth/social project.
  11. Don’t give up on the gym membership!
  12. Learn 5 party tricks!
  13. Read 12 books
  14. Meet M. again!
  15. Procrastinate less.
  16. Continue to update this blog as often as possible!
  17. Be.