Christmas Miracle

Christmas miracles do happen! I’m a true believer from now on! 🙂

As it can be checked on the post below, I had been quite busy with some gifts for some dear Lithuanian friends… Still, I was hopeless that they would arrive in time for Christmas given my experiences with the sloooooooow post service between Portugal and Lithuania. And this slowness is the equivalent of a month worth the wait…

But then it happened…

My beloved recipients got their packages in just a couple of days! 😀

Who was out there looking after me?

Feliz Natal! Merry Christmas! Linksmų Kalėdų!

Love Graphs

Immersing myself in information graphics like this one is one of my passions! #nerdalert


Portugal: cork (nothing new here, I was aware that we are the number one producers of this raw material…

Lithuania: it took me by surprise to be the country with the fastest wi-fi… My experience while living there was completely different, but oh well…

Angola: a country with so much potential and so rich in natural resources… being the first in child mortality is for sure something to be proud of! /not

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Once I got back to Portugal, on the 5th of September, I had in mind that my EVS journey had finally come to an end. That was the case… well, kind of.

For the last 3 days, the city of Porto (carago!) welcomed me and other former EVS volunteers to the ultimate get-together. I was finally given the opportunity to meet and engage with other Portuguese who shared a very similar experience (I was in fact the only Lusitano in between 100+ volunteers while in Lithuania…).

It was heartwarming to hear each other’s experiences and adventures abroad (not only in Europe but also in South America and the North of Africa!). It gave me some peace and quiet to realise that I am not the only “crazy” one in a world full of normative rules expectations, one-way paths and social pressure…

I still know a bit of Lithuanian!

Monday, the 5th, we had a (somewhat fancy) dinner to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European Voluntary Service. I was also given a really nice book, of the last two decades of this EU programme, full of stories and EVS babies! 😛
This particular day also happens to be the International Volunteer Day. Coincidence? I think not…
Moreover, I also had the opportunity to meet some of the current EVSers who chose Portugal as their volunteering place. Interesting to hear their stories, the differences between countries and cultures and how they now get to call Portugal their home… it made me time-travel back to Plungė! 🙂

You can still check my adventures in Lithuania!

I have a future! I hope so…
Porto is a truly magical city! It’s great that I’ll be back to this northern city for the New Year’s celebrations! 🙂
Smells like Christmas already…
A very photogenic city!

Once an EVSer, forever an EVSer.


One of the things I remember quite fondly while spending my holidays and every other weekend at my grandparents’ was eating fresh fish and seafood! Being from Aveiro has its perks, that’s for sure!

This region of Portugal is intimately connected with the Atlantic and the Ria de Aveiro. A land of fishermen and peixeiras, everywhere you go you have water.


I had some spare time so I headed to this local museum, named COMUR – Museu Municipal, which is a former canned fish factory. The main feature that set this factory apart from others throughout the country, was that canned eel could only be manufactured here!

A touchscreen fish can! Welcome to the XXI century!

I got a better sense of the history of the factory and its people, the thorough process to make canned fish, since its inception until it is shipped worldwide. The current factory is located a couple of blocks away and it still produces this unique Portuguese delicacy.

Canned fish (sardines, eel, mussels, tuna, anchovy…) is one of the best gifts you can buy in Portugal. The cans are quite stylish, wrapped in a vintage(ish) paper and inside you’ll find authentic love! Your taste buds will scream for more, that’s for sure! 😉

Look at these! Canned love! ❤

7 minutes of pure bliss…