Oh boy, I really did miss these cold temperatures! Said no one ever.

But as a matter of fact I actually did!

And all the winter clothes that I had to buy in order to survive winter in Lithuania were getting dusty in my wardrobe… With the thermometer measuring +15ºC in the middle of November, I had no use for them, until I flew to Czech Republic! 🙂

The Municipal House
On my way to Náchod!


A small charismatic town, so close to Poland that from the hills you can already peak into this neighbouring country. Unsurprisingly enough, once I got there, after a relaxing train journey from Prague, everything seemed strangely familiar: it was kind of the Czech version of Plungė! Oh memories…

What were you doing there? you may ask. Well, the reason of this Czech trip was to participate in a seminar on Cyberbullying. Together with participants from Portugal, Greece, Poland, Lithuania (labas!) and Czech Republic we spent four days discussing, thinking and understanding this online phenomenon and what kind of measures we can take in order to make the web safer for everyone. Because not all things are dark (btw, the sunset was around 4:30pm here… #depressing) and shady, we also got acquainted with some useful tools and applications to allow people (and especially youngsters) to get the best bits (see what I did here?) out of the Internet. Being able to get a sneak-peak on the psychological side of using of games and technological devices was also quite fascinating.

Oh, and I learned how to play The Settlers of Catan! Mixed-feelings about this game though… 😛

Prague | Praha | Praga | Prag

And of course, apart from those days in Náchod I also had the opportunity to visit Prague!

It’s funny to realize that in Portuguese we name the capital of Czech Republic as Praga and this very same word is also used to name both plague and pest. Languages can be a very interesting, right? 🙂

From all the things I visited or experienced, for me the number one thing that everyone should try while in the city is the following: go for a walk on Karlův most (aka Charles Bridge) later in the evening. It might sound trite, but believe me, it is as if you go back a couple of centuries to see yourself in a dark and foggy night, expecting to see and hear the horse carriages trotting along the cobblestone pavement. Truly magical!

Creepy fact
The St. James Church, an apparently ordinary church in the old town holds something interesting, to say the least. It began like this: the Virgin Mary statue located in the main altar was believed to be miraculous and people donated gifts to the statue. A thief once wanted to steal the gifts, but the statue grasped his hand and he wasn’t able to escape. When he was found there in the morning nobody was able to disengage his hand, so it had to be cut off. The statue then dropped the hand, which was later hanged on the wall as a warning to other potential thieves. Nowadays it can still be found at the church, shrunken and blackened…
If you like this kind of things, go for it! 😛

And hopefully, this wasn’t my last time in Czech Republic! I’ll be back, for sure! 😀

Dutch always know how to treat people well! My first mile high beer!

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