A couple of days ago, while at home surfing the web, I came up with an idea:

Why the hell not go on an hitchhiking adventure around Europe during the summer season?!

But then it hit me:

Going alone is not really an option, at least for now. Even though while in Lithuania I tried hitchhiking and alike, I am still pretty rookie…

Who would embark on this adventure in the blink of an eye?? My sister of course! ūüôā

Once I got to her with this proposal, she got immediately excited. It didn’t took long for us to decide on a starting point – Gen√®ve in Switzerland. After, we would roam east to Austria, followed by¬†Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia… The world is indeed our oyster!

Let’s not overthink about it! I thought to myself.

A thorough Google search led to the following:

TAP Portugal Flight 952
Departure: Lisbon | 08:30
Arrival: Geneve | 11:55
25th of July, 2017
Status: confirmed!


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