Warm. Cold.

Learning. Loving. Growing.

The country where people are like books.




5th of October, 1910.

Establishment of the Portuguese republic, ending more than 700 years of kings and queens.

Therefore a national holiday.


5th of October, 2016

Grand opening of the Museum Of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT).

Therefore an overflow of Lisboetas (aka Lisbon citizens) to the riverbanks of Belém, all eager to visit the new museum, a wave of light reflecting ceramic tiles by the Tagus river.

I was there too.

Besides the new state-of-the-art wavy building, the museum comprises¬†the¬†Central Tejo power station as well. Inside we can find¬†The World of Charles and Ray Eames exhibition and the broader¬†Utopia/Dystopia one, which includes a psycho park¬†–¬†an installation by artist¬†Dominique¬†Gonzalez-Foerster.

Magical light.
Golden Gate Bridge
A new venue to enjoy the city hilly landscape!



Sausage Party

We are all in this world trying to find the meaning of our very own existence. I sure as hell am (still….).

Why can’t a naive sausage pursue the same??

We have all seen the secret life of toys, fish, bees, bugs, mice, cars and so on… so now it is about time that we can take a sneak peek inside the life of supermarket goods!

So without further delay, welcome to Sausage Party!

I’ll leave you here with the movie review by the New York Times, cause I ain’t no critic.

Let me just say that I really recommend it, and apart from the unroll¬†of (un)necessary F words throughout the movie, there is also plenty of food for thought. See what I did here? ūüėČ

When I bought the movie tickets, I was given this very VERY educational colouring book! Sweet!