Urban Fest

Had the chance to go to this awesome festival, where music and art come to an intersection. Good vibes, cool people, hip music (Thunder & Co., PAUS, Linda Martini, just to name a few…), uncanny art (curated by Vhils and some other eminent artists) and a nice venue…

What else could I ask for?*

*maybe cheaper & tastier beer! Oh Lithuania…


Wine Therapy


When you are at your grandparents, in Aveiro, pressing the grapes you collected the day before with your bare feet and you end up realising that instead of wine it looks like you’re making Šaltibarščiai.

For those who are not culinary savvy, especially of Eastern European cuisine, Šaltibarščiai is a traditional soup with its colour being its most striking characteristic – PINK – a result of the use of beets as its main ingredient.

Usually served cold, this soup is perfect for late Spring and Summer in Lithuania.

In my county’s case, I believe that we can enjoy it in late Winter, Spring, Summer and early Autumn, so now we are still in the season to do so.

I’m feeling so generous that I’ll leave here the recipe for you to try:

Lithuanian Šaltibarščiai | 6 servings | Labai easy!


200 g of boiled & cooled beetroot (about 2 medium beets)
100 g of fresh cucumber
6 spring onions or 10 green onion leaves
2 hard-boiled eggs
1.5 litres of kefir
Bunch of fresh dill
Salt to taste


  1. Slice the beetroot & gherkins into fine julienne.
  2. Chop the eggs into small dice.
  3. Chop the scallions or onions leaves into 1 cm pieces.
  4. Finely chop the dill.
  5. Pour the kefir into a large bowl or saucepan and add the chopped ingredients, holding back some of the dill for garnish.
  6. Taste and season salt and additional lemon juice as required.
  7. Ladle the soup into bowls and sprinkle with the remaining dill.

Serve it with either boiled potatoes or rye bread (for a lighter lunch).



I love it, when I’m reading a book and suddenly a bunch of words put together can exactly define my messy midnight thoughts…character

Me in a nutshell.

We are humans and humans always try to take the world that surrounds them (and themselves too!) and organize it in ways to make it more understandable. We go from a rich and messy set of ideas into a clear stream of information that we can easily “digest”. Now the problem is that during this “transformation” many of bits and pieces are lost.

A person’s character is not a defined box full of personal traits which stays the same throughout our life. I am not even only saying that it changes as we grow, but that we act and behave differently depending on where we are, what we are doing, with whom, etc.

Just be yourself!

7 Hills


It felt amazing to be able to breathe again the streets of Lisbon!

Haven’t been to anywhere else in the world (I really sound like as if I have travelled a lot, which is not exactly the case….) where the light is as magical as it is here!


Seeing the city so lively, with cool laid-back bars and stylish shops, trams running up and down the hills, tourists losing themselves in the alleys of Bairro Alto and Alfama, couples taking selfies on the various terraces scattered through the city… feels fantastic!


Hello! Olá!

I am writing these words from 2780 Oeiras. Hence the name of this blog. Couldn’t get more literal than this, am I right?

A year ago my life turned upside down… Within a few weeks I was trading my life in Portugal for a different one in Lithuania. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns… But I believe to have grown up a lot in the last 10 months.

You can check all things EVS on Take the Plunge!


Here is the last entry I wrote there:


A chapter in my life closed (or is in the process of). The EVS chapter. It is necessary to do it. Life moves on and I need to do so too!

The same applies to this blog.

When I first created I didn’t know what to expect from it, whether I would update it regularly… or I’d just let it succumb into the Internet dungeons after feeding it a handful of times. What was first created as a requirement of EVS came to grew on me, immensely. I now can look back and take a small glimpse of my 10 months in Lithuania by checking all the posts, with all the words, thoughts, ideas, stupidity, excitement, fears, people, places that were part of my life as a volunteer.

I am very grateful to have had this space and to everyone who shared a bit of it.

Even though I will move on, the thrive to have a corner on the Internet remains the same, so the only thing that will change is the address. I will move from 90154 Plungė to 2780 Oeiras. For now. 😉

@2780 will replace Take the Plunge as my main life deposit on the web.

See you there, I hope!
Vitor Marques

Moving on is also to take a step away from where I was when I left Portugal to Lithuania. I hope that this blog will also take its part in helping me succeeding on it.

As I like to think, “Viskas bus gerai“!