The GoT City

The Legend of Slovenia
When God created the Earth, he had a basket full of treasures to distribute among the planet.

Ride #15
While in Ljubljana, we couldn’t miss Lake Bled. So one morning, after having a not so good night’s rest, we headed to the hitchhiking place. Soon, a car coming in the other direction


Beautiful Bled

Ride #16
An easy ride back to the city. A Slovenian couple kindly stopped, even though our sign had Ljubljana misspelled. I guess no one noticed that mistake.

Dragons, everywhere

Thumb #6

From Trieste (Italy) to Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 99 km

Ride #13
A short but useful one. Two guys and a girl in one of those VW working vans, full of veggies and fruits gave as a hand and dropped us right on the border with Slovenia. They warned us not to hitch with truck drivers… #NoteTaken

Ride #14
After waiting for a while under the blistering sun, we were lucky to find a guy who would take us all the way to our destination. He was going on an afternoon photography hike around Ljubljana and before he dropped us, we got to know a few


After one hell of a day (is this expression supposed to be positive or negative? Mixed feelings over here….), we were presented with this beautiful place in the city of Trieste, right on the east of Italy, a footstep away from Slovenia. We got there early in the evening, no accommodation whatsoever and the only thing in our minds was dipping our toes (and eventually the whole body) in those Adriatic waters.


And what an awesome experience it turned out to be: swimming in those darkish-bathtub-like-temperature waters with a beautiful sunset by the horizon was stupendous! Have I already mentioned the amazingly tepid waters??

Barcola Camping

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s time for a swim.



It is one of those places where everyone must come at least once in their lives!


The day we got to visit this dream-built city was not the best: the temperatures made it unbearable to walk a few meters without being covered in sweat.

The city, despite having a beautiful heart, I do believe that it already lost it soul… (I do have a knack for making these beautiful metaphors, don’t you think?)

Everything is aimed at tourists, it simply feels like one big ol’ Disneyland. If I’d have been born there, I don’t think I’d manage to live in a place completely taken over by foreigners. It’s all about finding the balance, right?